Criminal Record Check Company Fined For Inaccurate Information

by dave on August 15, 2012

in Criminal Justice

When you have a criminal record, it can make things like getting a job difficult. But when the company providing criminal background checks isn’t ensuring accuracy, sends over someone else’s records, or simply doesn’t care about the quality of their work, your future can be severely impacted by something that is completely unfair and out of your control.

One such company, HireRight Solutions is facing strict penalties and fines from the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC accuses the company of failing to “follow reasonable procedures to prevent obviously inaccurate information from being provided to employers and, in many cases, even included the records of the wrong person.”

This marks the first time the FTC has levied such charges against a background check company, despite there being many complaints against them.

They are accused of violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which among other things, requires companies to verify the accuracy of their reports and to respond to requests from consumers about information in their files.

Per the charges from the FTC, HireRight Solutions has signed a consent decree that agrees to oversight by the FTC. They are also required to pay $2.6 million in penalties, provide consumers with information from their files when they ask, notify people disputing the facts in their files about any investigation outcomes, and consistently update their reports to reflect dismissals or expungements in criminal cases.

HireRight Solutions was also named in a class action lawsuit, stemming from inaccurate information they doled out—leaving consumers with no employment and not responding to their complaints.

When you are convicted of a criminal offense, or even merely arrested, companies like this one make it easy for potential employers and even landlords to learn about your questionable past for a small fee. It’s crucial that the companies sending out this information are doing so with integrity.

According to the editorial in the New York Times, “this case puts the industry on notice.” Because more and more employers are turning to similar companies for criminal records, accuracy is crucial.

If you are accused of a crime, you may already have tarnished your record with an arrest. But, you aren’t without options. Contact us today to be put in touch with a local defense attorney that may be able to assist you in avoiding a conviction.


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